How our decisions can reshape our beliefs

What if you didn’t believe everything you think? Cassie guides you on a journey of increasing your capacity to make constructive decisions during times of uncertainty and self-doubt.

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Speaking Topics

How our decisions can reshape our beliefs

How to support a loved one who is transgender

A woman’s rage: an inclusive approach to feminism

Divorcing with grace

About Cassie

“When we make decisions from a place of fear, we default to the beliefs already written on our slates.”

A multi-disciplined creative from Youngstown, Ohio: Cassie is a new and upcoming speaker on decision-making in the midst of major change. She uses her own powerful journey to illustrate the inner work involved in adjusting to events that challenge our belief systems.

Fascinated particularly by relationship dynamics, individually and culturally, she examines the balance between collaboration and independence in a world where lines become blurred.

what makes a content life?

Outside of speaking, Cassie flexes her creative muscles as of Director of Web Design for Brand Therapy™. Brand Therapy™ is an all-woman creative company which helps female entrepreneurs embrace who they are in their brand and create a powerful presence.

Her devoted mentors, bonds of sisterhood, and spiritual practices play a major role in supporting who she is today.

In her spare time, she is a classically trained pianist, poet, mindset and NLP junkie, and the “little mommy” of two sweet young girls who look up to her with every step.

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